• You can verify, if you are able to receive a giveaway. The database is updated daily. There is only one giveaway per mobile number, so sending your SMS twice is pointless. The giveaway value is calculated daily, using formula below:
  • Formula (coming soon)
  • Domestic phone numbers are provided for worldwide, inexpensive MobileCash distribution. In case your country is not mentioned – we recommend you to wait for expansion of coverage. International SMS usually IS NOT included in a free SMS package and may be quite expensive.
  • Your exclusive responsibility is to make a backup of your wallet(s). Use your smartphone for daily payments only. Keep the rest of your MobileCash safely on your desktop wallet or better use a cold storage/paper wallets
  • MobileCash was born for mobile business. We plan to distribute 500 millions MBL via “SMS airdrop”. Depending on the future situation the second 500 millions part may be distributed the same way or offered to some top-level, global business entity.
  • Due to possible not predictable issues – we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, especially in early roll-out phase. Current system status will be notified. In case of lack of giveaway – please wait 24h before resending SMS, even if you are using free SMS package. SMS service is not always reliable – do not risk more than you can afford to lose.