Mobile Cash


  • We are blockchain startup. We develop our product over 3 years.
  • We focused on smartphone users on the World 
  • We have to change mobile payments market
  • Our products are easy way to use blockchain technology everyday worldwide as a pocket 
  • Mobile Cash is safety and very useful
  • We offer wallet on Android and iOS platforms (also for: PC, Mac, Unix)

Who we are?

A Blockchain startup, we develop our products over 3 years, we focused on smartphone users worldwide. We offer the easiest and safest way to use blockchain technology every day as a pocket.

MobileCash is the first multi-currency mobile wallet for iOS, Android and PC. By downloading mCash wallet you can make payments,exchange cash with friends and cash out mCash-Points to fiat cash via mPayment.

We offer our MobileCash wallet on Android and iOS platforms. You can install our wallet on your personal device.
MobileCash is compatible not only with wallets from Apple and Android, but also with the wallets from other manufacturers. You can use your wallet on multiple devices.

MobileCash wallet is convenient and secure. You can use our wallet for payments in shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, market places, parkings, gas stations, airports, and other locations.
On our webpage you can find a list of our partner locations.

How to use

Mobile Cash is wallet for cryptocurrency, and as a mobile service.
It is free for all, and you do not need wallet.
But, you can use it.
Use it with 2 easy steps.

  1. Download to your phone
  2. Install


We are looking for investors to help us introduce MobileCash to the world. We need engineers who have experience in cryptocurrency technology, mobile development, blockchain. We want to work with professional engineers. We want have professional cooperation.